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Extenders - 3PC - 2HK SP

Extenders - 3PC - 2HK SP
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If your bra has 2 hook and eyes, you need to see if they are either 3/4" apart or 5/16 apart, (closer). If they are 5/16 as shown in this picture, this Braza 2 hook special bra extender is the one you need. If you have 2 hook bras, some with the hooks closer and some with the hooks farther apart, you should purchase a package of each since they are not interchangeable. There are 4 positions making it easy to adjust your back band to your perfect support and comfort level. Adds up to 3 inches to your bra's back band.


Most Bra Extenders are one or two position elastic and often do not add more than 1" to your bra back. Because they 'stretch' they defeat the purpose of support. They often stretch far more than they should, loose their elasticity after awhile, turn brittle in the wash and have a short life span. Most have only one or two position for fine tuning your bra while the Braza's comfortable brushed nylon bra extenders have four positions, are very comfortable and last for years.

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