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Diva Comfort Kit

Diva Comfort Kit
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Do these problems seem all to familiar?

* Gaps between my blouse buttons.

* Clothing labels driving me crazy!

* Grooves in my shoulders.

* Some of my bra straps have stretched and...

* Some of my bras are too tight.

* I'm sure my waistband has shrunk in the wash!

* I feel like my chest is down at my knees.

About this kit:

A "must have" cruise companion.

Contains the following items:

1. One small clear cosmetics bag with zipper

2. Three piece TACK ITZ

3. One pair Silicone Bra COMFORT PADS

4. One pair CLEAR BRA STRAPS - Wide

5. One piece MAGIC CLIP, fine tune the bra

6. One piece 3 HOOK BRA EXTENDER - White

7. One piece 2 HOOK BRA EXTENDER - White

8. One set WAIST EXPANDER & Panel Cover Up



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