Foot Comfort products

Talk to the Heel foot cushion products provide a wide range of left-right specific shoe pads, novel shoe accessories and Cheeky Flats only from Talk to The Heel by Braza. 

Most of our non-slip shoe pads are made from PORON, a patented material that will provide moisture management, antimicrobial protection, high impact performance and long lasting comfort and our Cheeky Flats have a real heel, a real solid last, superior upper materials and comfort that you can not get from the cheap items now on the market.

Non Skids
Cheeky Flats
Boho Cuffs
Easy Peds Assortments
Sandal Thong Relief
Heel Hero
Insole Cushions
Heel Grips - 3 Pair
Heel Grips - 1 Pair
Ball of Foot - 3 Pair
Cinderella Kit
Buffy My Shoe
Cheeky Flats Set