Foot Comfort products

Talk to the Heel foot cushion products provide a wide range of left-right specific shoe pads, novel shoe accessories and Cheeky Flats only from Talk to The Heel by Braza. 

Most of our non-slip shoe pads are made from PORON, a patented material that will provide moisture management, antimicrobial protection, high impact performance and long lasting comfort and our Cheeky Flats have a real heel, a real solid last, superior upper materials and comfort that you can not get from the cheap items now on the market.

Ball of Foot - 3 Pair
Boho Cuffs
Cheeky Flats
Hot Deal
Cinderella Kit
Cuff' Em & Stuff" Em
Easy Peds - Basics
Easy Peds - Promotional
Hot Deal
2 OR MORE $2.50 EACH
Heel Grips - 1 Pair
Heel Grips - 3 Pair
Heel Hero
Insole Cushions
Non Skids
Sandal Thong Relief