Jewel Fun

JEWEL FUN is a line of Bra Strap Jewels and Perfume Holding Brooches. 

They were created to make dressing more fun and to compliment your daily mood. All jewels are made with Swarovski Gems for the cleanest sparkle. 

PERFUME BROOCHES: Just spray or dab a bit of your favorite perfume scent onto one of the 15 little daisy-shaped sponges included; set it into the brooch... clip to the cleavage area of your bra and the scent will be with you all day. It's a male magnet, for sure! "Let the scent be with you".

 BRA STRAP BLING: For those playful days when you want to add a little jewelry to your bra; something to enhance your mood or attract attention. If your bra straps show, clip it anywhere and this will be the focus of attention, not the strap. Get a few and combine them in different combinations on both straps. What ever moods you" today!

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