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Tack- Itz

Tack- Itz
Price: $6.00
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Stop letting that tag drive you crazy, just press a tack-itz® over it and forgetaboutit!

These soft & smooth, multifunctional adhesive patches are your answer to all of your clothing related pet peeves!

Simply remove the liner as shown above and say Bye - Bye to:

  • The scratchy, wandering clothing labels that drive you and your kids crazy!
  • The stiff embroidery backing on the inside of your favorite golf shirt or your kid's sports uniform.
  • The slipping heel straps on your favorite strappy shoe and more...

Just peel the soft and skin friendly Tack-Itz sheet from liner and place over the problem area. Can also be cut as desired to cover smaller areas.

10 pieces 


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