• Sarah

Spring Break Styles Brought to You by Braza Fashion Solutions

Updated: Feb 7

Start spreading the news; Spring Break is fast-approaching! This is one of our favorite times to really let our hair down and enjoy the sun, the sand and the sea. Today we’ve rounded up some of our top picks for beach- and pool-ready necessities guaranteed to make you the princess of the pool. So, ladies, grab your SPF, sunnies, teeny bikini and Braza Swim Essentials—it’s time to party ‘cause it’s 2020!

First on our list is a real head-turner: She Shells! You’ll immediately become a sassy, sultry, enchanting mermaid with our backless, strapless, stick-on swim top and bra. Plus, you can even wear underneath button-up tops for a sweet and sexy outfit; perfect for a night out on the boardwalk. Wear with or without the laces in one of 4 hues (beige, black, blue and red) for style that suits your mood.

Boost your bust with Swim Shapers! Insert these lightweight pads inside swimwear for lift, shaping and added cleavage. We’ve designed our best-selling triangle and full-size push-up pads to be sewn into bathing suits, sportswear and bras. We know you’ll instantly feel sexy and confident when strutting your stuff on the beach or relaxing poolside.

Personally, we don’t love packing a purse in our beach bag. (Did somebody say sand?!) Our solution? Stash ‘N Dash! You’ll feel calm, cool and collected in no time with our swim-friendly pocket, a stylish solution to safely secure cash, credit cards and other valuables. This swim staple easily attaches to bathing suits, bras and activewear. It’s a must-have for the beach, pool or gym.

Now that we’ve shared our favorite products that perfectly pair with your beach-ready fashions we’d love to know—which Spring Break locale is tops on your list?

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