Because FLASH TAPE has become such a stellar performer we developed a travel friendly version FLASH TAPE MINI that flips open to reveal a 10' roll of our double sided tape with crack-n-peel liner.


Use double sided body and clothing adhesive Flash Tape to help secure Face Masks. Also designed to secure deep-plunge clothing, open-sided dresses, wrap-style tops, gaps between buttons, fallen socks and hems, twisted jewelry, peeking bra straps and so much more.

Now safe for crafts, photo albums and archiving important documents.


Pull out tape to desired length

Remove backing from one side of adhesive strip

Position and press adhesive to mask, clothing or clean, lotion-free skin

Once tape is in place, remove other side of protective liner and press mask or clothing to skin


If you are looking for the best medical grade tape that holds and won't leave residue on skin or clothing then our tape should clearly be your choice.



1 -10' roll

Mirror included



FLASH TAPE is a registered trademark

Made in the USA



Flash Tape Mini - Adhesive Clothing Tape

SKU: S-1012