Eliminate show-through and unwanted definition with disposable, waterproof Petal Tops. Designed to mold to breast shape and prevent chafing with their soft, absorbent centers. Our skin-friendly nipple covers are comfortable and easy to apply and painless to remove. Discreet underneath plunging necklines, tube tops, sheer and clingy fabrics and more.



1. Carefully remove backing, holding the petal with the tips of your fingers

2. Center on clean, lotion-free nipple area

3. Start in center and smooth to edges of the petals

4. Peel off slowly


Made in the USA

Material: 100% polyester, acrylic adhesive

Each pair can be used once

Each pack contains 5 pairs

Size: 2½” diameter

Colors: Beige and Cocoa

Swim Petal Tops® - Disposable Nipple Covers

SKU: S-1143