Today we’re chatting about a topic we’ve been passionate about for years: double-sided clothing tape. When you first hear the word “tape”, it may not seem like a “hot topic”, but, trust us, these problem-solving products will change the way you look at your wardrobe. Why? You may ask. Clothing tape gives us the freedom to wear almost anything in our closets, and, allows us to immediately alter our garments to curb any fashion emergency.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use this product line (just to name a few!): secure wrap-style dresses/tops, fix gaps between buttons, keep strapless dresses from sliding down and so much more. Without further ado, let’s dive into one of our favorite subjects!

First and foremost, we’re talking about one of our all-time best-sellers: Flash Tape. We’ve designed this waterproof clothing/body tape in a handy dispenser with a crack ‘n peel liner for easy-peasy application. This must-have should be in everyone’s fashion arsenal to quickly eliminate any wardrobe malfunction that may come your way. It’s even photo- and document-safe and sets the industry standard for quality and value.

Ladies everywhere have been using Flash Tape to ensure their wrap-style dresses and tops stay in place. Just pull out the tape to the desired length, remove backing from the adhesive strip, press to the edge of your blouse or dress, remove protective liners and press clothing to skin. Since this dispenser holds 20 feet of tape, it’ll last a long time! Looking for a compact version that can travel anywhere? Pick up Flash Tape Mini for 10 feet of tape in a smaller dispenser.

Got button gaps? Say “Gap begone!” with Smart Tape! We’ve created this go-to solution for the easiest, most seamless application possible. Our non-sensitive, water-resistant clothing adhesive is stored in a reusable case with a mirror; perfect in your purse, desk or glove compartment for everyday style emergencies. Plus, recycle this handy case to store credit, debit and business cards. Simply place precut strips of double-sided adhesive tape along the edge of your shirt and press in place. Fashion modesty in an instant!

Tired of that silky strapless dress sliding down? For freedom of fashion (and freedom of movement!) pick up the one-and-only Upsie Daisie. We designed this adhesive in a unique zig-zag shape for unbeatable support in every direction, complete with a medical-grade foam adhesive that’s safe, secure and effective. If you’re looking for the best tape that REALLY keeps your dress in place and won’t leave behind any residue, this is your top pick!

Secure daring deep-plunge necklines with Clothing Adhesives! Keep clothes exactly where you want them with our clear, double-sided adhesive strips. Each package contains 40 wide tape strips, with a crack ‘n peel liner. There’s no need to worry about nip slips with these style essentials in place!

Thanks for joining us on What to Wear Under There, ladies! Remember to browse our complete collection of tried-and-true clothing adhesives.

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It’s true, ladies, we L-O-V-E a fun and fabulous plunging neckline. Why? Because this super-sexy look is gorgeous, flattering and can be worn all year round. Whether you’re sporting a sassy suit or figure-hugging dress, trendy jumpsuit or casual top, we’ve got the fashion solution to confidently and comfortably show off your unique style.

First up is one of our best-selling wardrobe essentials: Smart Tape. We’ve pre-cut this waterproof, double-sided clothing tape and stored it in a reusable case with a handy mirror. Keep one in your makeup bag, glove compartment and purse for easy, on-the-spot access. Just remove a strip from the case, remove protective liners and press clothing to skin. Once in place, you can wear the most daring of necklines without worrying about “nip slips”.

Flaunt figure-hugging fashions with Reveal Cleavage! Our thin and comfortable 5-way bra creates natural shaping and provides reliable backless, strapless support. Wear without the clip with deep-plunge dresses and tops. Want to boost your bust? Wear with the clip for added cleavage!

Next up: our tried-and-true reusable Petal Tops. We’ve designed these nipple covers to mold to your breast shape and prevent chafing with their soft, absorbent centers. Our skin-friendly “pasties” are easy to apply and painless to remove. They’re perfectly discreet underneath your favorite plunging jumpsuit!

We couldn’t talk about plunging necklines without the star of the show, Deep Plunge Bra! We love this versatile backless, strapless adhesive bra because you can wear it with so many low-back and low-front blouses and dresses. Trust us, this is one bra you need in your wardrobe.

That’s all for now, ladies. Now, tell us—how often do you wear deep-plunge necklines?

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